Pendant with a quartz crystal, produced by bimetallic alloy

baths with gold or nickel

Cod. Zo 2001 nickel

Cod. Zo 2002 gold

The Panta Kléa

Since the beginning of times, humans feel the need to capture the beneficial forces of nature to their advantage. The Panta Kléa does this, joining in itself several areas of human knowledge. Was created in 1989 by Elpidio Luiz de Paiva Azevedo and manufactured by Zots since then.

The Panta Kléa is a fluid catalyst, capable of uniting YOU to the UNIVERSE. It is capable of giving power to your intentions.

It has a crystal that is at the same time a receiver of the cosmic energies and emitter what are transformed into its cylinder.

In the body of Gaya, each metal reflects a cosmic force, whose essence it represents. The Panta Kláa’s cylinder is made of a bimetallic alloy, called Venus-Uranus. It has 2 metals: copper, associated to Venus and zinc, associated to Uranus. This alloy has the following characteristics: copper provides an energy that lifts the spirits and protects maternally, and zinc acts as a conduit for creativity, which connects Universe and us, and is also a copper’s protector. The two together give protection and communication to what is contained in Panta Kléa. At the bottom, there is a screw cap, which will serve to enter your "Intent" in Panta Kléa. In the Panta Kléa, many forces of the Universe act and join, benefitting its owner when well prepared.

One Panta Kléa Zots containing your intention, becomes exclusively yours. With it, you will find out a lot about you and the forces of the Universe.



1 - Choose one day: In this day you must have time and peace, besides a pleasant, lonely and quiet place (look for days and hours that are favorable).

2 - Preparation of the Pentacles - With an empty mind, draw or write on a piece of paper symbols or words that you know and reflect your intentions or use one of the printed Pentacles.

3 - Assembling the Panta Kléa: Light a candle. Hold the Pentacle(s) you have chosen and look at it/them mentally joining the writing or drawing to your intention. Then roll it, like a cylinder, with the text or drawing facing inward. Wrap the cylinder with a piece of light-colored thin thread (about 20 centimeters); do not make a knot. Put the cylinder inside the Panta Kléa and close it with the cover, screwing tight. Now the Panta Kléa is ready and it will create a permanent connection between your intention and the Cosmos. Use it with you or leave it in a place where have your energy (under your pillow or in a drawer for personal items). Only re-open it when your intention is achieved or when you need to add new ones.

IMPORTANT. Once it is opened, the Ritual will be undone. You will have to make a new Ritual if you want to continue the wishes.
The Pentacles are representations of the creators of the astral forms. We advise that you do not use more than three of them.

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